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Digital Mammography at Premier Imaging

ARC Accredited FacilityPremier Imaging is accredited by the American College of Radiology and certified by MQSA (Mammography Quality Standards Act).

Digital Mammography examines the health of breasts through the use of low-dose x-ray. Premier Imaging mammograms are interpreted by Western Missouri Radiology Group. All radiologists are board certified and certified by the MQSA.

The Benefits of Digital Mammography
Premier Imaging’s Fuji Digital Mammography System uses advanced technologies to enhance opportunities for early detection of breast cancer. High-resolution digital mammography images may be interpreted with more accuracy as the radiologist has greater control over the sharpness and detail of each breast image. The breast images are digitally formatted and then interpreted by qualified radiologists on a high resolution computer monitor and can be made available to approved health care providers upon the patient’s request.

Exam Preparation Page
Click here to find out what you can do to prepare prior to the day of your exam.

Registration Process and Forms
Click here to download pertinent forms that are required for your registration and various exams. On the day of your exam, please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment, in order to allow for registration and processing of paperwork. You must check in, and register with the clerical staff. Your insurance card is required for registration, and depending on your insurance carrier you may have a co-pay. If you have had mammogram and ultrasound at another facility, please make sure you bring them with you. These films or scans will be kept for reporting and then mailed back to the facility of origin. To help minimize discomfort during mammography, schedule your mammogram to take place one week after your period (when breasts are less tender).

Patient Preparation
On the day of the examination, do not wear talcum powder, deodorant, lotion or perfume under your arms or on your breasts. These substances can cause artifacts on your mammogram making the images harder to interpret. Wear a two piece outfit so that you only have to remove your top and bra for the examination. Any jewelry worn should be easily and quickly removable. Any breast symptoms or problems you are experiencing should be described to the technologist performing the examination. You should also be prepared to discuss with the mammography technologist any pertinent history: prior surgeries, hormone use, family or personal history of breast cancer.

Exam Procedure
The technologist will go over the Mammogram screening form with you, explain the procedure and answer any questions that you might have. You will be asked to change into a mammogram gown. During the mammogram, a technologist will position and image your breast. The breast is first placed on a special receptor and gently compressed with a paddle (often made of clear Plexiglas or other plastic). This flattens the breast so that the maximum amount of tissue can be imaged and examined. Breast compression may cause some discomfort, but only lasts for a brief time during the mammography procedure. The technologist will step behind a special shielded glass during the x-ray exposure; you will be asked to hold your breath and remain perfectly still for a few moments while the technologist makes the x-ray picture. After all of the necessary views are taken, you will be asked to wait while the x-ray images are reviewed. After the images are reviewed, you will be asked to get dressed and will be released from the imaging department. In some cases, more images will need to be taken.

Your Mammography Report
Your images will be reviewed by a radiologist. The report will be sent to your physician, and your physician will be the one to discuss the results with you.

After the Exam
You will be notified by mail of your screening mammogram results. If you are having a diagnostic mammogram, the radiologist will discuss preliminary results with you prior to your departure from our imaging center. If you get a letter that states comparison films required, please do not be alarmed. In many cases comparison films are necessary to make a final diagnosis. Once comparison films are obtained, you will be sent a 2nd letter with the final diagnosis letting you know whether or not your examination has changed or if everything is stable and normal.

If the letter you receive states additional imaging required, please do not be alarmed. The majority of these findings are benign (non cancerous), but this simply means that the interpreting radiologist would like to take a closer look to ensure that everything is fine. We will make every attempt to contact you to schedule your follow up appointment. Please remember that ALL follow up studies are performed at our Wornall location with the radiologist present so that you know the follow up results prior to leaving our department

Diagnostic Mammography
Diagnostic Mammograms are done exclusively at the Wornall facility under the direction of the interpreting radiologist. When you are scheduled for a diagnostic mammogram, there are times we have to take several additional images and occasionally an ultrasound is performed to correlate the findings from both the mammogram and ultrasound. You will know preliminary results prior to leaving our department.

Computer Aided Detection (CAD) Mammography
We now utilize CAD (computer aided detection) for mammography interpretation. CAD is like having a second radiologist viewing your mammograms. A specialized computer analyzes your mammogram and points out areas of concern to our radiologists that they should take a closer look at. CAD is not an official reading, but aids the radiologist in possible early detection of very small areas within your breasts. No person or technology is 100% accurate but CAD has been proven in multiple studies to significantly increase the early detection of breast cancers.

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