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Premier Imaging patient, Jim Bergner, shares how the CT cardiac score exam may have saved his life.

A few years ago I went in for my yearly physical.  I had been taking medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol, but my lab test came back with everything looking good and within limits.  Even though my lab results were okay, my doctor recommended that I have the CT performed because of age and a family history of problems.  I almost refused because it was not covered by my insurance.  Had I done so, I probably would not be writing this today.  The test came back way above normal and it started a process which ended up with my receiving a stint in the main artery to my heart due to a 90% block. The cardiologist informed me that if it had become totally blocked, I would not have survived.  I am forever grateful to my doctor for recommending this procedure and Premier Imaging for having it available and performing the test.

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sensationweb Kansas City, MO., August 6, 2007

Breakthrough CT Imaging Technology Offered at Premier Imaging

New 64 CT System Offers Non-Invasive Alternative to Diagnostic Coronary Angiography

Complete Article:
September 1, 2007, Premier Imaging will begin offering studies with the most advanced computerized tomographic system available utilizing the Siemens Sensation 64-slice CT. This new technology will be available at Premier Imaging, 373 W. 101st Terrace, Kansas City, Mo., and will be an alternative to risky, invasive cardiac catheterization, until now the gold standard for imaging the heart and coronary arteries.

Previously, cardiac catheterization was the best option to diagnose coronary artery disease. Premier Imaging’s CT Coronary Angiogram, using the Siemens Sensation Cardiac 64, can clearly and accurately display the percent of vessel narrowing and can characterize (something cardiac catheterization cannot do) the deposits on the vessel wall known as plaque. As a result, invasive procedures can be reserved for treatment in patients who are proven to have the need, and not for diagnosis.

The new technology provides the most accurate, non-invasive viewing of the coronary vessels to determine the health of the heart and its vascular system. Studies demonstrate that this technology has a 97-99% negative predictive value. This means that if the results are negative, the chance of significant disease is minimal.

In the Cardiovascular CT article, “Innovators Add CT Angiography to Routine Practice,” Radiologist Dr. David Dowe reports, “The CT demonstrated 93% sensitivity, 95% specificity, and a negative predictive value of 99%.” In the same article, “The CTA’s negative predictive value was stellar,” states Dr. Stephen Achenbach, an assistant professor of radiology at the University of Erlangen in Germany.

The convenience of 64-slice CT exam provides earlier detection and diagnosis of other serious conditions. The enhanced image resolution and speedy exam times eliminate numerous tests and procedures that were previously necessary. The 64-slice CT scanner can clearly image the organ systems including the abdominal organs, lungs, non-coronary blood vessels, extremities, brain neck and spine. Additionally, the scanner’s CARE Dose 4D dose management technology automatically reduces radiation to the minimal levels required while still achieving high quality images.

“Until now, this technology was only available at hospitals in the area. We’ve brought this breakthrough trend to patients in a private practice setting,” says Dr. Mark Lavin, radiologist of Western Missouri Radiology Group. “Not only is CT Coronary Angiography comparable to invasive cardiac catherization, but has the additional benefit of characterizing plaque. Invasive studies are unable to provide this valuable information.”

Premier Imaging is a division of Encompass Medical Group, which is the second largest independent physician group serving the Greater Kansas City area. Forty physicians practice from eight Encompass locations; five Premier Imaging clinics perform imaging services. Procedures performed using the new 64-slice CT can be scheduled at Premier Imaging’s Wornall clinic located at 373 W. 101st Terrace, Kansas City, Mo. To schedule your appointment, please call 816-941-1400.

Contact: Radiology Director, Susan Stidham
Premier Imaging, Division of Encompass Medical Group 816-941-1400

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